A new Alan

When Alan first arrived at his new care home he was very unwell and depressed. In their assessment, staff said they didn’t think he would be with them for long, and that his time there would be end of life care. (Read more)

Tilly's memories

Residents at one Bristol home we visit regularly are all living with dementia, and have a wide range of interests and backgrounds. Some are much more cognitively able than others, so there is a diverse range of needs ...(Read more)

The Bee's Knees

We started the session asking participants about what makes them happy. All of them said “Oh, I don't really know dear”. This often happens, as it can take people a little time to come out of their shell...(Read more)

Diane's story 

iPals is an Alive! intergenerational project which links up care homes and primary schools through the shared use of touchscreen technology. This is where we met Diane...(Read more)