Alive training is changing

A new approach to staff training 

Alive is excited to be able to offer a new Coaching programme - on the job training - where we deliver sessions with care home staff, building their confidence, handing over sections for them to lead bit by bit until they can take over fully. 

Care staff will attend and participate in our activity sessions, then gradually take on responsibility for leading them over time, with our support and ongoing mentoring. 

Alive believes meaningful engagement and outstanding activities require creativity, innovation, teamwork and a genuine love of people.

We support care staff to enable residents and clients to live as full and varied lives as possible – putting psychological wellbeing at the heart of care. 

Our coaching model trains care home staff to enrich the lives of the older people with whom they work.


Key coaching benefits


  • Enhanced wellbeing and happiness of residents measured by improved mood, engagement and interaction (evidence of this included free of charge)
  • Increase in staff knowledge, motivation, confidence and skill in delivering person centred activities (evidence of this included free of charge)
  • Amazing value for money with long term benefits which include; greater staff job satisfaction leading to higher staff retention
  • An increase in person centred activity leading to higher CQC rating
  • Alive is a NAPA recognised CPD provider, so this training will benefit staff CPD.


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What does this mean for Alive training courses?

From 2017 onwards Alive training will consist of our new Coaching programmes and In-House training at care settings.

In-House training will consist of a series of set half and full day courses, plus bespoke training tailored to specific needs. 

For more information on In-House training please see our In-House training page.