Becoming Outstanding

A big congratulation to Blaise Weston Court, a Hanover Housing Extra Care Estate, where Mears Care provide Care and Support, who were awarded an 'Outstanding' CQC rating!’

We’ve worked with Blasie Weston Court for a number of years and we just couldn’t be happier for them, they truly deserve it. It’s been such a pleasure to work with their staff and residents through our Parlours of Wonder and Paint Pals projects.

The CQC report says, “The project was called the 'Parlours of Wonder'. The leaflet for the project stated '…we hope to work with you to create and develop a new space of discovery, connection, meaning making and mystery in your care setting in which older people, carers, local community members and families can connect with each other'. We saw the space that had been created within the scheme and this included memorabilia items such as old telephones, a record player and LPs. The registered manager told us the space had been used to invite local school children to come in and work with people on electronic tablets. Through this project, people had been supported to make books about themselves and their lives”.

It goes on to say, “Local school children and people in the ECHS had also been involved in the 'Paint Pals' project, which involved coming to the service to complete art projects together. Other projects included a volunteer shop that was held at the service two days a week. This allowed opportunity for people to make purchases for themselves if they weren't able to get to local shops. As well as providing links with the community, this enabled people to remain independent with their shopping”.

Read the full inspection report from the CQC. 

We’re so thrilled that our projects have played a part in making a ‘Good’ setting ‘Outstanding’.

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