Fish and chips for 40 please!

Through the amazing partnership between our Making Pals project and Young Bristol, we took 40 new friends (ranging from 11 to 103 years old!), to Weston-Super-Mare for fish and chips and a stroll on the pier. 

Making Pals connects care homes with their local communities. Earlier this year, Making Pals linked up the residents from Bishopston Lodge care home with teenagers from Young Bristol. The group had a great time during their first meeting, where they got to know each other by chatting about their favourite things in life, as well as exchanging slang words! Everyone found it really fun and interesting to see how words and phrases have changed over the years. At the end of the afternoon, we asked the young and older people where they wanted to go on their first trip out of the care home together. The top choice was unanimous - “a trip to Weston!”.

The rain won't stop us!

The day couldn’t have gone better, even the rain didn’t dampen spirits. The children held the umbrellas over the older people as they pushed their wheelchairs across the wet pier. They played together on the 2p machines and even bagged themselves a cuddly toy from the grabber machine. The absolute highlight for us was seeing one gentleman use all of his strength to pull himself out of his wheelchair to smash a bowling ball down the alley for a full strike! Already some beautiful friendships are being formed. Watch this space for the story of their next trip...