Our Founder

Founder and Executive Director of Alive Tim Lloyd-Yeates passed away aged 47 on 12 July 2015 in Bristol. Tim had been undergoing treatment for Leukaemia and after a valiant fight sadly lost the battle.

Loved by all he met, Tim was a very special man. He was known as a passionate advocate for older peoples’ rights and as an innovator in the sector for his use of touchscreen technology with people who are living with dementia.

Tim’s mother in law was living with dementia and at 64 went into a care home. In this particular care home Tim saw that many residents received very little stimulation and spent the majority of their days doing nothing, some locked in their own world rarely speaking or relating to others. The sight of groups of older people sitting in a communal lounge staring lifelessly at a TV screen broke his heart. Tim’s experience of seeing his mother-in-law in this setting was the driving force behind his decision to found Alive, a charity dedicated to improve the quality of life of older people in residential care by giving them access to meaningful activity.

Under his leadership Alive has made great strides, earning a reputation for innovation and excellence, and inspiring many to strive for change in the care sector. These extraordinary achievements are a tribute to Tim’s vision, drive, skill and compassion. His work was informed by the simple mantra: ‘How can we serve people if we don't know who they are?’ It was this genuine interest in and respect for people that led Tim to have the impact that he did.

We are committed to ensuring that the work to improve the lives of older people in care homes continues and thrives as Tim would have wanted.