Variety hour

Variety Hour is the most popular Alive session, and for good reason!

In these sessions we use music and singing, poetry, storytelling, quizzes to improve mental agility, and current affairs to encourage learning and discussion.

We also include energising activities such as giant balloon play and percussion instruments, and relaxing activities such as yoga and Tai Chi. Distinctive props, such as giant balloons, ostrich feathers and parasols, are used to add playfulness and fun.


A person centered approach

Because of our person centred and user led approach, each and every session is unique, varied and full of character. There’s something for everyone, our sessions are focused on treating everyone as an individual, so that their needs and interests are met.

What makes these sessions innovative is that residents are encouraged to guide and dictate the content of the sessions wherever possible. In these sessions we will always encourage interaction, laughter, fun, and meaningful, stimulating experiences.