Museums to You

The Russell-Cotes Art Gallery & Museum (RCAGM) have contracted Alive to deliver a series of collections-based activity sessions in care homes and other settings in Bournemouth.

The sessions are part of the Russell-Cotes 'Museums To You' programme, awarded through Bournemouth Borough Council Adult Social Care. Alive uses paintings and artefacts provided by Russell-Cotes as well as music, poetry and touchscreen technology to engage and inspire participants and invite them to explore a number of 'universal' themes such as work, travel and love - calling on their own life experiences as well as their responses to the session materials. 



Access to learning 

The programme is an outreach learning programme for groups of vulnerable older people. Alive delivers sessions in residential care homes and day centres providing a range of exciting activities for the residents based on the unique collection of art and objects from around the world.

The themed Russell-Cotes sessions allow participants to be transported to different environments. A popular theme, ‘Armchair Traveller’, enables residents to explore other countries and cultures, creating opportunities to reminisce and share stories about their own travels, whilst learning about the incredibly rich history behind the collection.

We are thrilled to be able to brighten up the days of so many people by delivering sessions using this wonderful collection.