Diane's story

Meeting Diane

iPals is an Alive intergenerational project which links up care homes and primary schools through the shared use of touchscreen technology. This is where we met Diane, an assertive lady who always had a strong opinion - which we really welcomed. Through the project we formed such a bond with Diane, as she had shared stories about her life, talked about her interests, and talked about frustrations. We had even looked at pictures of the accordion she dreamt of buying. During the iPals sessions we watched her chat to the children from the local school confidently and with interest, it was a pleasure to see how lit up she became each time they arrived.


We miss you

Sadly Diane became very poorly just before the children’s next visit, so we asked them to record a short video saying that they missed her and wishing her to get well soon. There were lots of lovely heartfelt words from the children as they had formed a bond with Diane, and genuinely cared for her.

We took the video up to her and played it using the iPad, which meant she was still able to feel a part of the iPals project. Diane and her family were moved to tears, it meant so much to them. Diane passed away the day after.


Happy memories

Diane’s family were especially grateful as this film was one of the last things she saw, and it made her so happy. We feel very lucky to have spent some time with Diane, she was a wonderful lady. We also feel happy and humbled to have played a part in Diane knowing just how valued and loved she was in her last few hours. 


*The image used here is not that of the person in the story.