Dancing with Edie

A nervous start 

In a recent biodanza session, we met Edie, a bright-eyed lady who listened with interest as we introduced the session. She was new to the group and appeared somewhat nervous, but as the session progressed through the 'warm up' dances we could see that Edie was really beginning to allow her own unique expression to shine through.

We joined her in a creative dance where participants are invited to respond to the changing character of a piece of music which shifted between strong rhythms and soft melodies. Having someone to dance with seemed to spark something in Edie, she began to move with more creative expression and gradually her eyes began to close as she immersed herself in the dance. As the music faded and Edie returned to stillness, a smile slowly spread across her face and her eyes slowly opened.

I studied dance! 

Another resident Lila, broke into applause "That was just beautiful!" she said "simply beautiful!" Edie leaned toward me, "I have to admit to having a bit of an advantage, I did study dance for many years". Leaning towards her we replied "Edie, we can tell".

Edie went on to explain that she had been encouraged to try ballroom but found it did not allow her the freedom to express herself "it focussed too much on the beat!" she explained. 

We finished with a gentle, melodic dance and took the opportunity to dance with Edie once more before the end of the session. During the goodbye I said that I was looking forward to dancing with Edie again and at this point, she seemed a little crestfallen. "I'm only here for a few weeks" she said "I'll be going home soon - but I have so enjoyed today. I didn't think I'd get to dance like that again. Thank you!" 


*The image used here is not that of the person in the story.