Paint Pals

Paint Pals is an intergenerational art project that builds links in the local community between older people living in Care Homes and children in local schools.

Very often living in residential care can mean having little or no contact with younger generations. We have seen time and time again the benefits of different generations coming together, a visit from children lifts the spirits of residents, improving mental health and bringing happiness.


Building connections

The Paint Pals project enables older people to build a connection with children, children to give back to their community and everyone involved to have fun creating art. It works by pairing older people with school children. The pairs first correspond by painting post cards so they can learn a little about each other. They then meet up for Paint Pal parties where they can get to know each other better and work on art together. 


Growing success

Paint Pals has been a huge success and from September 2015 there will be 13 Paint Pals projects running across Bristol, Bath and North East Somerset and North Somerset.  The enjoyment for each group has been wonderful to see, and most importantly the project gives an opportunity for older people in care to feel connected with children in their community.

One of the homes taking part in the project, Norewood Lodge, has enjoyed a number of choir recitals from their linked school, High Down Junior School. This is a brilliant example of how the relationships between the Pals can blossom.