Volunteer Management Training

What benefit can volunteers bring to my care home?

Volunteers can be an invaluable resource for care homes. We hear time and time again from care homes that ‘when we’re busy activities are the first thing to go’ or that ‘no one is going to hire extra staff just for activities’.  Volunteers can provide some much-needed support to a care home activity programme, whether its spending one to one time chatting with residents, supporting a member of care staff to deliver a group activity- volunteers bring specialist skills and interests into the home and add richness, variety and also a connection to the community for residents.

In addition to this, volunteers can provide much-needed help with supporting trips out and about and, if appropriate, driving your residents to where they want to go.


Why is it important that volunteers are properly managed?

It is important for both the welfare of the volunteer and the welfare of your residents that any volunteers are properly managed. It may take a little longer at the start, but proper management can help you retain volunteers longer term and making them more effective at their roles, saving you time in the long run.


What will the training cover?

The training day will look at the following subjects;

·         What roles volunteers can perform

·         How to find and retain volunteers

·         Paperwork, legalities and GDPR

·         Management, training and escalation of issues

·         What do you want volunteers to help you with?


How will I find volunteers?

As well as the training being offered to care homes the Making Pals project will be offering training to prospective volunteers on what to expect when they enter care homes. Information on what this covers and how to sign up can be found here.

After they are trained we will provide volunteers with a list of care homes that received training on volunteer management, as well as a list of roles that care homes are hoping to fill. This will allow them to contact suitable homes about a volunteer position.


Will it cost the care home any money?

The training and listing on the volunteer’s list of care homes is free. However, it is recommended that you pay the volunteer’s travel expenses, reimbursing them for reasonable costs that they incur whilst performing their volunteering role and offering them meals while they are in the home. DBS checks should be obtained for all volunteers but these are provided free of charge by the DBS service


When and where is the training?

Contact Emma@aliveactivities.org to find out when the next training is planned. 


Who can come to training?

As with all Alive training, we believe it is more effective all round if more than one person attends from a care home, so we will be offering up to four spaces per care home on this training. The training will be suitable for employees of all levels, but it will be beneficial to have some senior members of staff in attendance.