Best Practice Guides - Hard Copies

How to purchase

If you would like to purchase hard copies of the Best Practice Guide please fill in the form below, we will then send an invoice to the email address you have given. Once we have received your payment we will post the hard copies to the address you have supplied. 

Please note, it may take up to 3 weeks for the guides to get to you.


Individual Guide prices

  • 1 x Care Home Manager's Guide = £4
  • 1 x Care Staff Guide = £3


Bulk Guide price examples

  • Care Home Manager's + 6 Care Staff = £15 (£1 off)
  • Care Home Manager's + 12 Care Staff= £40 (£4 off)
  • 10 Care Home Manager's + 60 Care Staff = £200 (£20 off)


If you would like a bulk order different to the examples above, please fill out the form below. Then we will email you with what the total cost will be before we send you an invoice. 


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