Alive Coaching


Enrich activities and improve wellbeing with Alive Coaching 

The Alive Meaningful Activity Coaching Programme is a fun and lasting way for staff in any role to learn how to engage older people creatively, every day.  The programme will significantly increase staff skills, motivation and confidence whilst improving staff retention and CQC ratings.

Spread over the course of 10 weeks, programmes can cover any key area of meaningful activity from reminiscence and life story work, theming sessions, one-to-one work and day to day occupation to how to integrate the arts or community with care setting life.

Staff take part in a full day training course, growing in confidence and skill through observing, co-leading, then leading activities with our trainer whilst on the job. Mentoring and personalised action plans embed learning and an evaluation report for use with the CQC provides helpful next steps and recommendations for the manager.


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Results of Alive coaching 

84% of staff reported an increase in knowledge after the training sessions 

82% staff reported an increase in their skill level after the training sessions

79% staff reported an increased confidence after their training sessions