About our training

Alive training enables staff to enrich the lives of older people - putting wellbeing at the heart of care through activities that foster closer relationships and happy environments.


Increasing the amount of social interaction for people with dementia living in care homes to just one hour a week improves quality of life, when combined with personalised care.  Dr Doug Brown, Director of Research at 

the Alzheimer's Society, said: "This study shows that training to provide this type of individualised care, activities and social interactions can have a significant impact on the wellbeing of people living with dementia in care homes". 

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5 reasons why you'll see results


1. Effective - after our activity sessions, the moods of 95% of residents had improved.

2. Inspiring - 94% of Alive trainees said our training helped them in their role.

3. Innovative - our activities are creative and innovative resulting in physical, mental, social and emotional benefits for your residents. 

4. Responsive and person-centred - training is developed in consultation with you and your staff, focusing on your residents' needs. 

5. Experienced and recognised - Yearly we train around 500 care staff. Our work has been quality assured and published by NICE and we're a NAPA-recognised CPD provider. 


Expert trainers 

People who attend our training say it improves their knowledge, skills and confidence in delivering activities, enabling them to share their experience and providing them with inspiration and new ideas. Our trainers have a wealth of experience in running stimulating activities and are experts in their field.  All the course elements have a strong basis in proven therapeutic techniques such as reminiscence and life story work. 



What we offer 



The Alive Coaching Programme offers practical 'on the job' training which empowers care staff to provide effective and meaningful activities. Spread over 10 weeks, staff will benefit from observing and leading activities with mentoring, personalised action plans and a bespoke full-day training course from an experienced Alive trainer. We use our specialist knowledge and experience to train staff, which builds their capacity and confidence to develop more meaningful activities and relationships with older people as part of their everyday work. 

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In-house training 

Our in-house training option offers a cost effective and flexible approach for organisations that wish to train up to 12 people at a time. Choose from a variety of inspiring set training courses or we can create a bespoke course on any aspect of person-centred care. We plan this with you, so it is tailored to the needs of your individual staff and settings. We support care staff to enable older people to live as full and varied lives as possible – putting psychological wellbeing at the heart of care. 

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Active Care Forum

Our forums enable staff and managers to come together to be inspired, share ideas and learn from each other. Led by experienced Alive Presenters, each forum follows a different theme. Past themes include: Sensory and Food Activities, Using Technology with Older People, Relationships and Community. Each forum lasts three hours and includes a 60-minute masterclass that will increase staff capacity to be able to facilitate activities that result in physical, mental, social and emotional benefits for residents.