Becky has worked in the public or charity sector since 2006, originally specializing in evaluating the impact of funding in the arts. She is a highly experienced Project Manager, with a special interest in the creative sector, inclusivity, and intergenerational activities.

At Alive, Becky has managed a programme of intergenerational and community projects since 2016. This has included Paint Pals and iPals, Parlours of Wonder, Access All Ages and Dancing Through the Ages.

She currently manages the #OneGoodTurn project, widening the reach of Alive’s core intergenerational activity sessions. This project will further increase links between care homes, schools, and youth groups, encouraging co-production and meaningful, enjoyable activity connecting people of all ages.

Becky also provides training to care groups on best practice in intergenerational activity. She is passionate about incorporating new creative ways for older and younger people to connect and break down barriers.