Alive are very pleased to be supporting the Elders Project which consists of three social clubs attended predominantly by the Afro-Caribbean community. Two of the groups are based in Easton and the third is based in St Paul’s, Bristol at the Malcolm X centre.

The groups are all very active providing a range of activities including exercise to music, Tai Chi, singing, sewing, drama, arts and crafts and trips out throughout the year. They were set up to tackle isolation and loneliness among the elders and bring people together to form friendships and have fun.

Speakers are invited in from various health and wellbeing organisations and charities to impart information that the elders might find useful in coping with health conditions, home repairs or energy saving and managing their bills. The groups celebrate the culture of the Caribbean islands with food and music but welcome people of any background who would like to join them as they are inclusive to all who are interested.

For further information, please contact:

Malcolm X Elders  –  Gloria Watson 07780 591496

Evergreen Club – Joana Allison 07944 469689

Golden Agers – please email Laura Hamilton (Project Manager) at

For general information about any of the clubs, please contact Laura on the above email.

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