There are several ways you could support Alive’s Community gardening projects. For instance, you could attend a session yourself or bring along a friend, relative or client. Or you could volunteer at a session supporting our facilitators. You could also donate gardening materials to us in the form of plants, tools etc., or donate fundraising time.

All of our sessions are supported by trained volunteers, without whom these sessions would be far less rewarding for participants. Contact us to find out about volunteering or see our volunteering opportunities – even if you would only be able to attend occasionally we’d love to hear from you! Volunteering in these sessions supports people to continue to engage with their community and gardening, no matter their age, health, mobility or prior experience.

Although attending in person may not be possible at the moment, please do subscribe to our Community Gardening Newsletter to be kept updated on ways to get involved.

Our Community Gardens

Alive has three community gardens that need support;

Supporting our gardens

Corporate Volunteering

We have many varied opportunities for corporate volunteering days. Many of which involve large groups helping with the overhaul of our community gardening spaces. Head over to our corporate volunteering page to find out more.

Sponsoring of parts of our new Dementia-friendly allotment or donating to this project is another way for your business to support us if you are not able to provide volunteers at this time.

Donations of equipment

All of our gardens run on a very small budget. If you have any hand tools or other gardening equipment that you are no longer using we would love to put it to good use.

See below for other ways you can support Alive;

If you have any questions please contact the Community Gardening Officer on 07379498764 or email