Alive is a charity dedicated to improving the quality of life of older people and their carers. 

Our vision 

A world where older people live lives full of joy, meaning and connection.

Our mission 

To prioritise health and wellbeing into later life.


  • Engages older people creatively through meaningful activity
  • Trains and supports care staff to enrich the lives of older people
  • Reduces older people’s social isolation by connecting them to their local communities
  • Speaks up for the rights of older people to those with the power to improve their lives

What we do

Alive is one of the leading practitioners in the UK of meaningful activity for older people in care. Not only do we provide meaningful engagement in care homes, we provide community activity and support through our Meeting Centres and community gardening. We run a range of innovative community and care home projects, bringing art, sport, IT, gardening and intergenerational connections to older people. We work online with our subscription service Alive On Demand, and we deliver face-to-face in groups and in care homes. We believe in true co-production; our activity is shaped by older people and we engage using a variety of tools and techniques, tried and tested over the last 11 years.

Why we exist

An ageing population is meeting dramatic changes within the social care sector, and the results are catastrophic. It’s become all too familiar to see older people lined up in the living room of a care home, depressed, silent and staring at the television. Older people at home often are socially isolated and not getting the care and interaction they need and deserve.

Care settings are closing rapidly, for minimum wage care staff work a job that requires a vast skillset, and vulnerable older people are paying the price. Care at Home agencies have rushed appointments as timetables need to be addressed.

Care homes and agencies must demonstrate their ability to provide meaningful activity and Alive exists to address this need, through our activity sessions and care staff training and support in the community. 

Our Values


We strive to ensure our work meets the needs and aspirations of the older people we serve.  We consult regularly with older people and develop and deliver projects and activity in line with their wishes and views.


We deliver, we train, we connect, we influence. We are a group of people who never give up and are fully committed to improving the quality of life of older people. 


We are a charity who likes to try and test new approaches, new partnerships, new ways of working and aren’t afraid of making mistakes and taking risks. 

Community focused

We fully understand the value of belonging and work hard to connect older people to their communities – wherever that may be.  We value our own community and strive to create an inclusive and supportive environment amongst our staff, volunteers, and colleagues.


We constantly review, evaluate and adapt our work to ensure it is meeting the needs of those we serve.  We are quick to change and find new ways of working when needed. 


We love what we do, and who we work with.  We are passionate about improving the quality of life of older people in whatever way we can.


We believe in working with others. We make more of an impact when we work together.