Alive provides training and coaching to all care staff who are working in the care sector. Our courses are designed to empower, support and equip carers, whatever capacity they are in.   

Our trainers are experts in their field, having worked in the care sector and cared for family members. We train with empathy, understanding and knowledge and our courses always allow people to talk and share their experiences as well as learning from and being supported by us.

Central to our belief is that those we are caring for should be at the centre and all engagement and activity should be tailored to them, empowering them to live their lives as fully as possible.

Care staff training and coaching

Alive training enables staff to enrich the lives of older people – putting wellbeing at the heart of care through activities that foster closer relationships and happy environments. We offer:  

One Care Home said:

“The Training day with Nicola was perfectly pitched to the team and captured the attention of those attending to feel inspired to make the changes in how activities are approached in the home. Nicola was able to describe the approaches that can be taken for activities and without taking away from the existing approach, was able to sensitively point out how and what different activities can be more effective. Nicola created opportunities for the team to grow ideas that spurred from what they were learning, as they were learning. It was a joy to be a part of the training but also to see the inspiration that was spreading and building momentum throughout the day. The day was better than I could have wished for, from start to finish and will help propel our home to provide meaningful activities to all our residents at any stage of their dementia.

I’m sure we will be wanting to book more training in the future!”

In house day training

Our in-house training offers a cost-effective and flexible approach for organisations that wish to train up to 12 people at a time.  

Choose from a variety of inspiring set training courses, or we can create a bespoke course on any aspect of person-centred care. We plan this with you, so it is tailored to the needs of your individual staff and settings. Offered nationwide, we can come to your care setting or venue of choice.

Care home managers describe staff as ‘buzzing’ with ideas after attending training and describe resulting positive changes within their care settings.  

Half day course titles: 

Full day course titles: 

Bespoke day: £800 

Full day:  £600 

Half day: £300 

Download our Training Flyer here.

Why don’t you book your training today!  Please call the office on 0117 377 4756 or email at  We would love to support your staff in delivering high-quality meaningful engagement that enriches the lives of your residents.