Alive are delighted to be back delivering face to face sessions. We can deliver hour-long sessions or 2-hour Alive Clubs.

If Alive Clubs are too long for your residents, you are able to split these into hour-long sessions across different floors or with different groups; an excellent way to engage residents who find group sessions challenging as we can spend the second hour providing 1-2-1 activities.

As always, the sessions we provide we are flexible and we are keen to tailor them to the needs of the residents within your home; we can adapt activities, topics and themes to the requirements of your residents and your home.

Guided Reminiscence

We have a rich catalogue of themes that can be adapted prior to or as the session unfolds and is guided along by the residents. These sessions are designed to stimulate memories and get the residents talking and sharing their experiences. The sessions include music and are supported by visual images linked up to your television, or we can bring a projector! Where there is internet access, we can respond live to memories ignited and share songs, images or whatever marvellous tangential path the session has taken, on your screen.

Variety Hour

Variety hour will usually be themed and is highly reactive to the residents in the room. Incorporating sing-a-longs, guided conversation, visual images, memory box objects and gentle play. The sessions always have a multi-sensory aspect and are designed specifically to accommodate a diverse range of cognitive needs.  

Gentle Movement

Our Gentle movement sessions are the ideal way to encouragement movement, however small. These highly sensitive sessions are responsive to the needs of the individuals within the group and instigate movement through light play and dance and can be done both seated and standing. 

Multi-Sensory Sessions

We offer ‘Multi-Sensory Sessions’- designed to enrich the lives of people who are living with complex needs; including advanced dementia and people receiving end of life care.

These smaller group sessions are calming and inclusive, and are proven to; 

  • Improve mood and wellbeing 
  • Ease anxiety and restlessness – reducing distressed behaviour 
  • Stimulate and engage people 

Our  Multi-Sensory Sessions have a positive effect on the atmosphere of the care home. Individuals are able to connect better with others during the sessions; reducing risk of isolation, loneliness and feelings of depression. Gentle movement promotes exercise and strengthening of muscles. These sessions concentrate more on one-to-one contact, and are highly effective in engaging people who find it hard to take part in larger group activities. 

Growing Support

These sessions are ideal if you have green-fingered residents, or simply looking for something slightly different. We bring all the resources to you and can facilitate these both indoors and outdoors (depending on weather and the space you have). We can cover everything from planting seeds, maintaining flower beds or a gardening themed session.
These are a slightly different structure: they run for 90 minutes as we have found this to be the ideal amount of time both for keeping residents engaged and covering everything that is required.

1-2-1 Sessions

These sessions are ideal for people who find group sessions challenging, or who prefer to stay in their rooms, or who are frail and being nursed in bed. Using gentle interventions, we explore multi-sensory stimuli, music, movement and life story work – sessions are tailored to the unique needs and interests of the person. Sessions can be for one person, or the time can be split between residents, for shorter engagement.

For more information on any of the above sessions, or to book, please contact us at or call 0117 377 4756.