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Alive is a charity dedicated to improving the quality of life of older people and their carers. 

Bristol Elders Groups

Alive are very pleased to be supporting the Elders Project which consists of three social clubs attended predominantly by the Afro-Caribbean community. 

Two of the groups are based in Easton and the third is based in St Paul’s.

Meeting Centres

The Alive Dementia Meeting Centres offer support for people with a recent diagnosis of a dementia, and people living with a mild to moderate dementia and their carers.

We offer practical help and social and emotional support.

Alive On Demand

Need some inspiration for new activities? Looking to engage and educate your residents? Alive On Demand is here! 

Get in touch to find out how using Alive On Demand can assist with your day-to-day activities. 

ALIVE Gardening

Alive has been running social and therapeutic horticulture sessions in care homes and community gardens for over a decade.

We’re passionate about how gardening and connecting with nature can transform people.

One Good Turn

In April Alive received funding to run an intergenerational social action project across Bristol, South Glos and North Somerset.

Our IG work links older people living in care homes with younger people aged 5 to 16. 

Tech To Connect

As we move toward a more technology-enabled world, we need to ensure that older people can access opportunities and services and aren’t left isolated.

Alive has two initiatives geared toward supporting this.

Resource Library

Alive has a great selection of activity and learning resources in the online resource library.

Browse pamphlets on best practice, community engagement and volunteering. Get your hands on our wonderful conversation cards to support you, as a relative, friend or carer, to build social connections and conversation.

Are you able to help?

  • £5 per month could help us provide regular sensory sessions – for those living with advanced dementia
  • £10 per month could help us provide regular gardening sessions – for those who would not otherwise get outside
  • £20 per month could help us provide regular intergenerational activities  – to bridge the generations and bring energy, happiness and friendship to older people.