Below is a list of resources compiled by the experts at Alive to support you to support older people.

Activity Resources

Conversation Cards

These cards aim to support you, as a relative, friend or carer, to build social connections and conversation with an older person who is living in care, living with dementia, or both.

Tech Resources

Tech Training

This accessible guide explains the basics of getting your care home set up for online engagement. Pictures of all the devices you will need and how to connect to the internet and other technology.

Learning resources

Best Practice guide

Building positive relationships with residents, a guide for care staff

Community engagement

Building ties with your local Community

This workbook contains several exercises to help you think about ways you can work more closely with the local community to enrich care home activity.

Coproduction for care homes

This how to guide will get you started with thinking about the coproduction process and how you can embed it within your home in order to allow residents to have greater input in their care.


Managing Care Home Volunteers

This how to guide aimed at care homes will help you think about the process of taking on volunteers and managing from start to finish.

Volunteering in Care homes

This information booklet will help care home volunteers prepare for a role as a volunteer in a care home.

Volunteer Handbook

This volunteer handbook is a useful checklist to follow to help you carry out a thorough induction when taking on a new care home volunteer.

Many of the above learning resources are available as training courses that can be delivered in your care home for up to 12 members of staff. Find out more information here