For many older people, their later years can sadly, all too often be characterised by loneliness and isolation, but Alive is able to bring back those connections to the world, memories and other people.

Your donations help spark something amazing in some of the most vulnerable older people in our local communities.

Help us improve the lives of older people

We enrich the lives of older people by opening up the world to them again by creating special moments that light up later life: 

To create joy and meaning in the lives of older people, we need your support!  Your support means we can create more amazing moments like these for others like RonEdithHilde and Mary.

How can I donate to Alive?

There are many ways you can support Alive through your donations. You can;

One-off Donations

  • £25 could help us buy seeds and bulbs – which are so crucial for our gardening projects
  • £40 could help provide activities to energise and spark joy – like gardening, music, dance, art
  • £100 could help us provide touchscreen technology to open up the world again – to celebrate life stories 

Monthly Donations

  • £5 could help us provide regular sensory sessions – for those with advanced dementia
  • £10 could help us provide regular gardening – for those who would not otherwise get outside
  • £20 could help us provide regular intergenerational activities  – to bridge the generations and bring energy, happiness and friendship to older people.

Do something special today  – bring joy to an older person and make your donation now! 

For more information about how you can support Alive, email or call the office on 0117 377 4756