Multi-Sensory sessions

Multi-Sensory sessions are calming, inclusive and proven to have a significant positive effect on the care home atmosphere

Our specialist Multi-Sensory Sessions enrich the lives of people who are living with complex needs; including advanced dementia, brain injuries, Parkinson’s, Huntingdon’s, Motor Neurone disease, and people receiving end of life care.

Individuals taking part are able to connect better with others during the sessions, reducing risk of isolation, loneliness and feelings of depression. The inclusion of gentle movement promotes exercise and strengthening of muscles.

Designed by experts, Multi-Sensory sessions are highly effective in engaging people who find it hard to take part in standard group activities.


How do they work?

Lasting 30 or 60 minutes, our facilitators use the latest specialist equipment to connect with people. This includes audiovisual stimuli, projections, music, fibre optic lights, bubbles, tactile objects and smells. Sessions can follow themes and transport individuals to a time or place that is calming and familiar like a seaside, woodland or English rose garden- connecting them with nature and the outside world.

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