Alive has a community allotment in North Bristol where we offer supported gardening and socialising sessions for people living with dementia and their carers.

Alive allotments give you and your loved ones access to the therapeutic and social benefits of having an allotment, without the pressure of having to visit it every day to keep it maintained.

Alive has been running gardening sessions for people living with dementia for more than eight years now, so have first-hand experience of the positive impact gardening can have on a person’s health, both mentally and physically.

While at the allotment, participants may work on any personal projects or do activities set out by one of our horticultural therapy experts. Trained volunteers will be on hand to assist if required or to chat with if not.

The allotment is fully accessible and has a social shed for shelter when the elements are against us. At the end of every session, there will be a chance to reflect on what we’ve achieved, make plans for the future and, most importantly, drink tea!

How does it work?

Every Monday and Tuesday, from 1.30 till 3.30, the allotment will be open to anyone in the community living with dementia, as well as their carers.

Visiting with your loved one, you will have the opportunity to meet fellow gardeners and their carers. 

Throughout the year, the group will share the fruit, vegetables and flowers we grow.

From September 8th we will also be running a fortnightly intergenerational session for home ed children and older people.

In spring 2022 we will also be running a pilot session for people with young-onset dementia. Find out more about that here.


Sessions will be free, but we will accept donations towards refreshment costs.

You may book a place on any of our sessions using the forms linked to below.

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Alive is always looking for volunteers to support our Community Gardening work as well as many other aspects of their work. If you would like to support us through volunteering find out more here.

Please call Alive on 0117 377 4756 or email to find out more or to sign up.

Please note that in the booking form below “Capacity” refers to the number of spaces taken vs the total number available. So 1/4 means one person is booked on already out of a total number of 4 participants. If the session is fully booked it will say 4/4.

Also, the number of places refers just to the person living with dementia. Please ensure a carer attends each session with the participant. Once we are familiar with the person living with dementia we will be able to assess whether a carer needs to attend with them for every session.