There are over 400,000 older people living in residential care in the UK.


Alive! is a charity dedicated to improving the quality of life for older people in care through meaningful activities. 


Alive! is one of the leading practitioners in the UK of meaningful activity for older people in care.  We provide fun and dynamic activity sessions to encourage creativity, celebrate life stories and get the circulation going.

We are different to other activity providers because we enable older people to shape the content and direction of Alive! sessions, which include the use of new technology, guided reminiscence, creative, energising and physical activities. We entertain but we are more than entertainers. We engage older people in meaningful ways using a variety of tools and techniques tried and tested over the last 10 years.

Alive! activity sessions are proven to impact positively on older people in the expression of personal identity, enabling of personal choice, interaction with others and general well-being. Their training and mentoring is found to have contributed to positive changes in the culture of care and practice within the care settings. From a recent external evaluation of Alive!'s work by arts evaluation experts Willis Newson in collaboration with the University of the West of England.


Our vision

A world where all older people in care homes live with dignity and respect, access to choices, their local communities, hobbies and interests, learning, and meaningful activities.

Our mission

Alive!’s mission is to transform the residential care sector, so that older people’s mental, social and emotional wellbeing is prioritised alongside their physical care.



Alive! works in four ways;

  • We provide a wide range of high quality, person-centred, activity sessions in care homes and day centres, which strengthen older people’s personal identities by connecting with their individual life stories.
  • We use our specialist knowledge and experience to train care home providers and their staff, which builds their capacity and confidence to develop more meaningful activities and relationships with residents as part of their everyday work.
  • We help develop sustainable relationships between care homes and their local communities, in order to reduce social isolation amongst care home residents.
  • We advocate for improved quality of life for older people in care homes, working with partners in the voluntary, public, private and academic sectors to raise awareness and change attitudes.


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