Alive! Coaching

Enrich activities and improve wellbeing with Alive! Coaching 

The Alive! Coaching Programme offers practical 'on the job' training for Care Staff.

Spread over 10 weeks, staff will benefit from observing and leading activities with mentoring, personalised action plans, a bespoke full day training course from an experienced Alive! trainer, NAPA-recognised CPD, and a written evaluation for use with the CQC.


Key Coaching benefits 

  • Enhanced wellbeing of residents measured by increased frequency of activities, wider variety of activities and an increase in person centred activities (evidence of this included free of charge)
  • Amazing value for money with long term benefits which include; greater staff job satisfaction leading to higher staff retention
  • Older people will directly experience four one-hour activity sessions as part of the coaching programme
  • An increase in person centred activity leading to higher CQC ratings.
  • Alive! is a NAPA recognised CPD provider, so this training will benefit staff CPD.


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