Challenge yourself 

We challenge you to do something amazing, raise money for Alive and help support some of the UK's most vulnerable older people. 

Whether it's climbing the highest peaks or trekking across spectacular landscapes, taking part in a challenge event for Alive will help us bring joy to older people in care. We can unlock memories, spark creativity, conversation and learning, to ultimately transform the way older people are cared for in our society.

Dorset Three Peaks Challenge

Trek to the top of Dorset’s three biggest hills, ascend more than 1350m in a single day and raise money for Alive. 

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1 day | UK | Challenging 

Various dates 2019

Snowdon Triple Challenge 

Trek, cycle and kayak your way across the spectacular landscape of Snowdonia National Park and help older people. 

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2 days | UK | Challenging

10 May – 11 May / 02 Aug – 03 Aug 2019  

Great Wall Discovery

Challenge yourself to take on one of the world’s most iconic structures – China’s great wall. Together we can light up the lives of more older people in care.

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9 days | China | Challenging

Various dates 2019

National Three Peaks Challenge

Brace yourself for a fast-paced and physically challenging adventure. Your support can help us bring happiness to older people living in care. 

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3 days | UK | Tough

Various dates 2019

Zambezi River Challenge

Paddles at the ready!

It may be a rough ride, but what better way to improve the quality of life of older people in care.

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10 days | Zambia | Challenging

10 Oct – 19 Oct 2019

Trek Patagonia 

Discover the panoramic beauty of Patagonia – a trip perfect for those with a sense of adventure. With your support we can improve the lives of more older people in care.

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23 Feb – 07 Mar / 02 Nov – 14 Nov 2019

13 days | Argentina | Extreme

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Don't fancy any of these?

There are plenty more events to choose from, which means you can still make a real difference to the lives of older people living in care. 

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Other ways to fundraise for Alive

There are so many ways you can help us to raise the vital funds we need, no effort is too big or too small.

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