Improve the lives of older people in care


By donating to Alive, you are helping to light up the lives of older people in care.

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It's become all too familiar to see older people lined up in the living room of a care home, depressed, silent and staring at the television.  For many older people living in care, their later years can be confusing and lonely.           


Your support can help connect older people in care with each other, people around them and their community.


  • £5 a month can supply paints and brushes for art sessions – helping to provide materials for older people and children to create together
  • £10 a month can pay for an iPad sim card to open up the world – giving older people access to images, music and memories in care homes with no Wi-Fi
  • £20 a month can reduce isolation by providing regular social activities – enriching the lives of older people and helping them enjoy a fun creative time together
  • A £50 donation can provide specialist sensory kit to help reach older people living with advanced dementia – unlocking memories and calming anxiety


Your donations help spark something amazing in some of the hardest to reach people.


‘Mary remembered her name’

After taking part in an Alive multisensory session, Mary, who lives with advanced dementia, remembered her name for the first time in over a year!  


‘What a wonderful world’

Dorothy lives with dementia and usually sits on her own as she finds it difficult to interact with others. In an Alive ‘Variety hour’ session, Dorothy started to gracefully move her whole body and sung every word to the song ‘what a wonderful world! It was so fabulous to see this lovely lady come to life in such a beautiful, spontaneous way.