The Bee's Knees

You never know until you try 

We started the session by asking participants about what makes them happy. All of them said, “Oh, I don't really know dear”. This often happens, as it can take people a little time to come out of their shell. So we told them about what makes us happy: sunshine, chocolate and dancing.


I don't dance anymore

A member of the group called Joyce exclaimed: “I used to like dancing the Charleston!” So we started looking at images of ladies in their flapper dresses, old footage of Charleston from the 1920s and more recent footage of Charleston dancing on Strictly Come Dancing. We asked Joyce if she would like to show us some Charleston moves sitting in her chair, but she went shy and said "oh no" she couldn't, she was 93 and didn't dance any more.


The Bee's Knees 

We put some music on, started leading some simple movement. After no time at all Joyce was up and adding in her own moves! So we all copied her and a moment later she was leading us all in the Bees Knees!

Afterwards, Joyce said, "Well I never thought I'd be dancing again. That's the best afternoon I've had since I moved here".


*The image used here is not that of the person in the story.