John's photos

We're worried for John 

John is a frail gentleman who likes to keep himself to himself. He doesn’t like to take part in activities and staff at his care home had become increasingly worried that he was at risk of isolation and possible depression.

A member of staff took us to one side and asked if we could spend some time 1-2-1 with John, in his room. We felt this would be a perfect opportunity to really connect with John, and find out a little about the life he had led.

We knocked on John’s door and he greeted us with caution. After explaining who were and that we would like to spend some time with him, he softened slightly and welcomed us in.


A life well lived 

After looking around John’s room it was clear to see he had lived quite a life and no doubt had many a story to share. His room was a treasure trove of interesting objects from his travels, the walls covered with photos of a colourful life well lived. John looked pleased at our interest in the framed photos on his walls. He pointed to one, a photo of him on the day that he joined the Royal Navy, he was 16 years old in that photo. “I went away a boy, came back 3 years later a man” he told us.

Sensing this was a wonderful opportunity to reconnect John with his past, we pulled out our iPad. After some exploring on Google, we struck gold and managed to find a photo of the exact ship that John was stationed on! He couldn’t believe it and wiped tears from his eyes. We went on to look at photos from the various places he had worked in Singapore - he was so delighted. 

Seeing a smile 

The iPad reconnected John with some of the most important moments in his life. The memories and the stories flowed, John lit up and it was so wonderful to see him smile broadly. 

As we were packing up our things to leave John said, “I never thought I’d ever see those places again, it meant so much”. Little did John know, it meant so much to us as well. 


*The image used here is not that of the person in the story.