Alive Clubs are an innovative way of bringing older people together – no matter where they live.  

Using our years of activity experience, we are aware of the need to bring care homes and the community together and for older people to have activities that are tailored, personalised and not rushed.   

Alive Clubs are a great addition to any care homes activity programme.  Breaking away from the traditional model, being 3 hours long, Alive Clubs allows space and time for participants to explore and engage activity and ensure it is relevant to them personally. We developed Alive Clubs, a move from our traditional shorter activity sessions, as we found people wanted longer sessions that allowed more time to personalise the content. 

How will my residents benefit?  

  • Your residents will love being involved as all activity will be person-centred and tailored to the hobbies and interests of those attending 
  • They will be able to have a helping hand in choosing the kind of activity and discussion taking place 
  • At 3 hrs long, your residents will be able to engage for longer periods of time, but at a slower pace, allowing more 1 on 1 time in the club 
  • Residents will have a wider social circle as they will be socializing with people they may not see on a daily basis 

How will my care home benefit? 

  • With residents engaged for a longer period of time, care staff or other activity staff will have more time to be able to engage with other residents who are harder to reach or end-of-life  
  • Participating in an Alive Club will improve communication and connection with the community around you 
  • Linking to the community is so important and will help create a strong bond with those who are thinking of coming into care in the future 
  • By inviting members of the community in, you could establish yourself as the Care Home of choice as you show your love, support and engagement with your residents 

How is it different from other activities? 

  • We tailor the content to those who attend, so it is personalised and not prescriptive 
  • It is varied and at a slower pace which allows for more interaction and engagement from participants 
  • It can therefore be themed, eg gardening, or be a mixture of activities

How much does it cost? 

  • An Alive Club costs a Care Home £100 for 3 hours of activity – great value for money 
  • We will invoice you at the end of each month 

How often can I book an Alive club? 

  • You can book as often as you like!   
  • We love being with your residents, so would love to come as often as possible, but we understand you need to balance your activity budgets 

Alive will work with the local community to bring in local people who would like to come to an Alive club.  We will work with you to ensure all needs are met and the needs of the community members are appropriate to the home.  We will take payment from members of the community, all you need to do is provide a welcoming cup of tea and a smile. 

Please understand it may take a while for us to bring members of the community into the home.   

If you are a member of the community hoping to attend an Alive Club, click here for more information.

To find out more or to book your Club today, please call Alive on 0117 377 4756 or email