Alive is excited to host virtual tours with one of London’s top tour guides. You will be led around some of London’s most iconic areas and attractions; learning about the history and experiencing a journey through time.

Join us and a few other care homes for an hour-long session about one of the topics below.

Shakespeare’s London

Wednesday 14th October – 2pm / Thursday 10th December – 2pm

In our virtual tour of Shakespeare’s London we will discover the places where the Bard lived and worked, including the Blackfriars Playhouse and the Globe Theatre. We will also get a taste of what going to the theatre and living in the British capital was like in his time. 

London’s Art Galleries and Museums

Thursday 29th October – 2pm / Thursday 3rd December – 2pm

In this virtual tour on ‘The Jewels of London’s Museums and Art Galleries’ we will go on a journey across different continents and millennia following the theme of change. Drawing from the finest collections in the British capital, we will look at an eclectic selection of masterpieces and highlight how each of them, in its peculiarity, relates to the topic of transformation; whether this means the transition from death to life, a change in artistic taste, the extinction of a species or technological progress.

Roman London

*SOLD OUT* Thursday 12th November – 11am

In our Roman London virtual tour we will delve into the 2000-year-old history that lies beneath the skyscrapers of the City of London and learn more about the amphitheatre, the excavations at Number 1 Poultry, the fort and wall and the Mithraeum. We will hear the story of the discovery of these sites, understand their importance for the people of Londinium, and gain some contextual knowledge of the Roman presence in Britain.

London’s Street Art

*SOLD OUT* Wednesday 25th November – 2pm

In our virtual tour on street art we will gain a better understanding of this phenomenon through works, big and small, made by international street artists in Brick Lane and the surrounding areas. We will appreciate the impressive diversity of styles and techniques of this art form, as well as the powerful messages that emanate from it. We will also learn how street art developed in this multi-ethnic part of town, and speculate on where it is heading.

The British Spirit in Paintings from the London Collections

Friday 6th November – 2pm

Royalty and scientific innovation, but also an unconditional love for nature and a passion for animals have always characterised the British spirit. We will explore these themes, as well as satire and respectability, through a selection of masterpieces from the London art galleries.

Treasures of World Civilizations

Thursday 19th November – 2pm

Or shall we say: ‘world civilization’? Although we tend to speak of ‘the Egyptians,’ ‘the Romans’, etc., connections between different peoples have shaped human history since its inception. In this virtual tour we will discover the magic encounters that happen when religions spread, ideas are exchanged, and goods shipped across borders.

Tours cost just £50.

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