Alive Club – A new approach to our meaningful activity sessions

For the Services team, 2023 has been all about getting back into care homes to facilitate our meaningful activity sessions with the people at the centre of Alive – older people. This year we have been very excited to launch our new Alive Club sessions across the greater Bristol area.

While we are continuing to offer our usual one-hour sessions, we have now introduced 2 hour Alive Clubs, and the impact has been fantastic. The best thing about these sessions is that care homes can choose from a menu of sessions such as Variety Hour, Gentle Movement, Guided Reminiscence, and Multi-sensory, to run one after the other in different parts of the home, so no one gets left out.

Most care homes have been choosing to book a group session followed by an hour of one-to-one sessions. This means that the most isolated residents who stay in their rooms can still have opportunities to connect and engage with our talented Facilitators at a pace that is right for them. Our Facilitator Nicola recently spent time with Kathleen, who is very frail and stays in bed. They explored sensory objects together and laughed and sang – Kathleen changed from sleepy to alert and sparky, with a huge smile on her face.

Our Growing Support sessions (as seen on Gardener’s World!) are continuing too, with care homes getting ready for more gardening and nature-based crafts.

If you would like to find out more or book an Alive Club or Growing Support session for your care setting, give us a call at 0117 377 47 56 or email We’d love to see you all.

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