Access All Ages

Access All Ages is Alive's new model of intergenerational activity sessions, using a variety of art forms to build connections between younger and older people

Access All Ages is a further development of Alive’s two highly successful intergenerational projects – Paint Pals and iPals. The new Access All Ages sessions are even more creative, allowing care settings and schools to meet regularly, and can incorporate any artform in their delivery – anything from painting, music, dance, poetry, iPad work to playing dominoes! The sessions are responsive to the interests of residents and pupils and can change over time, the main focus being on encouraging meaningful communication and the building of relationships between the generations. Most importantly the sessions give an opportunity for older people in care to feel connected with and be appreciated by children in their locality.

How does it work?

We pair you up with a care home or school in close proximity to you. During the first activity session the children and residents get to know each other, as well as the Alive workshop leader. Going forward our highly skilled workshop leaders facilitate the sessions, finding out the interests of the two groups and exploring these in more depth. 

Access All Ages sessions enable older and younger people to make new friendships and form close bonds, bringing joy, laughter and happiness to everyone involved.