Dance & Movement

Alive dance and movement sessions are designed to bring joy and pleasure to older people while improving joint mobility, balance, strength and circulation

These sessions are all about creating a space for fun play and creative expression.

Dance therapy has been demonstrated to be clinically effective at improving self-awareness, self-esteem, attentiveness and communication skills. This type of session is particularly recommended for those who find it difficult to express themselves verbally, such as people living with dementia.


Dance provides more than just physical benefits:

  • By encouraging creative self-expression, dance strengthens the identity of older people, with and without dementia.
  • Because of its non-verbal nature, dance offers older people a way of communicating that is beyond words, enabling them to experience connections even when they have lost their ability to speak and convey their feelings. This helps reduce the sense of isolation and prevent depression.
  • By moving and dancing together as a group, it allows participants to experience a sense of belonging. Through shared movement and rhythm, participants experience enhanced strength as well as feelings of joy.
  • We interact with participants through dance and movement, shared rhythm, storytelling, gesture, mime and voice. 
  • We also work with a variety of props such as coloured scarves, octobands and feathers, which encourage movement and stimulate creativity and imagination.