Museum sessions

Alive Museum sessions - bringing history and works of art to life for older people. 

We work in partnership with the Wallace Collection (London), and Russell-Cotes Museum (Bournemouth), to deliver two separate programmes of multi-sensory, interactive sessions based on their unique collections. The sessions enable care home residents to experience and discuss famous and beautiful works of art and learn new things, whilst providing a unique platform in which to reminisce and share stories.

The multi-sensory nature of the activity sessions (images, poetry, music, history, iPads and beautiful, tactile handling items created by the museums) stimulate older people cognitively, physically and emotionally. Care staff and family members are astonished at the reactions and levels of response from people living with significant cognitive impairments.


Engaging in the arts:

  • Encourages discussions, inspire new conversations, stimulate memories and give participants confidence in expressing their views on art and history

  • Encourages social interaction

  • Builds self-confidence and communication skills- feedback from participants and their carers indicates that the sessions are an excellent platform for communication

  • Supports dignity and wellbeing through enjoyable and challenging activities

  • Can revive an interest in the arts and in some cases creates a new interest