Conquering Peaks and Dementia: Fundraiser

This June 2024, an intrepid supporter of ours will be climbing Mount Tetnuldi, fundraising for ourselves and fellow local charity BRACE Dementia Research.

Facing altitude sickness, bitter conditions, and a whopping 4,958m (15,938 ft) ascent to the summit, Voitek, from Bristol’s Audley Redwood retirement village, will be setting out to climb one of Georgia’s highest peaks.

Inspired by his grandmother’s experience living with dementia, Voitek says: “Witnessing her journey opened my eyes to the profound impact of this condition, not only on the individuals it afflicts but also on their families and caregivers. It was this first-hand experience that ignited a fire within me – a determination to make a difference in the lives of those affected by dementia.”

My mission extends beyond simply raising funds. It is rooted in empathy, humility, and gratitude for the invaluable lessons we have learned from our older family members. Through my journey, I aim to raise awareness about dementia and empower others to provide support and care for their loved ones with compassion and understanding.”

We wish Voitek the very best of luck and sincerely thank him for including us in his honourable mission.

If you would like to donate to Voitek’s challenge, please do so here:

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