Dementia Meeting Centre Satisfaction Survey

Hear from our Meeting Centre Project Manager, Louise Spencer, on the overwhelmingly positive feedback from members of our Meeting Centres in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire.

Members Living with Dementia

All our members reported that they enjoyed the groups, liked the atmosphere, liked the other people who attended, and appreciated the staff and volunteers.

I look forward to Tuesdays to get out, meet up with new friends, chat, play games and have lunch.


It’s brilliant; it’s the best thing I do!


Showing us that the Meeting Centres are a safe space to talk about dementia without any stigma or judgement, one member said:

I like to talk about dementia [here].


Members who are Carers

Meeting Centres were also rated positively by carers including the opening hours, staffing, expertise, ability to talk to staff, support available for members and carers, and also support from other carers. 

The centre has been an invaluable source of support and information. Mum loves attending, enjoys all the activities and the social aspect that it brings.


Appreciating the range of activities and how they are tailored for members, one carer liked how the activities were:

All inclusive, even for those who are seated in a wheelchair.


This has been a godsend. I don’t know how I or we could have managed without it. No favouritism. They treat everyone equally. They give us the chance to speak up and do.


The weekly meetings have been a lifeline for me and my husband […] He remembers very little now, but remembers the club members.


We will continue to run Carers Corner to build on the close connections that carers are making to keep positive and support each other, both at the Meeting Centre and also independently using WhatsApp groups. 

Following the introduction of exercises to help reduce falls, members are feeling confident to ask for more physical activities to help members stay fit and maintain good balance. We are really pleased to be expanding our physical activities such as walking, music and movement and games, and also providing more health information sessions which we will organise in partnership with our colleagues in the NHS. 

July 2023

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