John has lived with dementia for a while and he is cared for by his wonderful wife full time. She is his main carer.  Their daughter Mags knew they needed some more support to give their Dad some activity and support for their mum too.  So they began to come to the Meeting Centre in Clevedon when it was set up.  They have come every week and it has made a huge difference to both John’s wellbeing and his wife.

Mags said “The group has been fantastic for my dad who has a big smile on his face every time I pick him up. I didn’t expect what’s it’s done for my mum. She is dads main carer. The group is her “golden” moment of the week. She’s able to talk to others in the same boat without the feeling of guilt that can be there when talking to non careers or family.  She has the support of your team, who are so kind, supportive and fun. She knows dads happy there and safe, that she can also enjoy others company without having to be thinking of dads needs constantly. The activities are fantastic. I picked dad up after a chocolate work shop he informed me of what they’d been doing with his usual smile. But explained that he didn’t like chocolate. His lips hands and nose all had chocolate on them.

If there are ever ways I can help please let me know.

This group is so important for my dad mum and us as a family.

Thank you so much for making so special.”

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