Recent Updates from our North Somerset Meeting Centres

“Clevedon Meeting Centre is the highlight of our week”

“It’s worth every penny.”

Members from Clevedon Christ Church Meeting Centre shared that they would like to try food from around the world. So we visited China on the hottest day of the year with food, chopsticks, speaking and singing in mandarin and creating Chinese lanterns. The following week, we visited India – we created mandalas on tables using large buttons that had been donated and Anna dressed herself up in a Sari. We then visited France and one of our lovely volunteer’s Christine, is French (ooh la la!) and she helped organise some French-themed activities. We spoke in French, sang in French, played pétanque and created art inspired by Matisse. Christine also made a delicious tarte au tatin, which tasted fantastique. We continue our Armchair travels.. who knows where we will travel to next!

Portishead Dementia Meeting Centre members and Clevedon Dementia Meeting Centre members welcomed artists Jasmine and Mona earlier this week. Together, they made Mantras which are sayings which we can say to inspire, encourage and bring us joy.

The members took home their individual Mantras but not before they were photographed by Jasmine & Mona. They are going to create a screen print of these pieces of artwork and then the images will go into a book. There will also be a tour throughout North Somerset, so if you live in the area, the artwork will be displayed in a venue near you! Pop along and have a look at the artwork created by younger and older people that have collaborated with artists on this wonderful project.

These photos are of the Portishead Dementia Meeting Centre members with their finished masterpieces.

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