Building Mental Health Resilience: Summer Update

Catch up with Project Manager, Julie, on what has been a busy few months!

Creative Wellbeing Project with BME Elders

The Creative Wellbeing Project with the Malcolm X and Golden Agers groups has continued to be enjoyed. The aim of this collaborative project is to identify ways in which participants can connect with, express and explore their emotions through engagement with a variety of art materials to create their own individual ‘Bowls of Well-being’. These have evolved to represent their individual personalities and reflect their own unique ways to build mental health resilience.

I’ve really enjoyed the project, it’s made me think about what’s important to me and it’s been great to learn a creative skill I never thought I had!


Workshops with Mendip Vale Medical Practice

Liaison with the Social Prescribing Team at Mendip Vale Medical Practice has resulted in:

  • Facilitation of an interactive session to members of the Yatton Lifestyle and Well-being Club on building a ‘Resilience Skill Set’ on Thursday 25th May.
  • Facilitation of 2 x workshops focusing on Building Resilience and Emotional Well-being within the community. These were held at Clevedon Library, North Somerset. The first session concentrated on managing stress and frustrations and in the second session we looked at ways in which to improve low mood as well as creative ways of problem-solving.
  • These two stand alone workshops are also scheduled to be held at Southmead and Henbury Medical Practice on Tuesday 15th August, 2-4pm and Tuesday 19th September, 2-4pm, courtesy of Mendip Vale Medical Practice.

Sharing ideas in person is different and better than reading and learning on your own, the session helps to break emotions down in a way that is very understandable and feels like it could be very applicable in day to day life.


Partnerships with Age UK and Trinity Centre

The aim of our monthly ‘Creative Wellbeing’ Workshops at the Trinity Centre is to bring local residents and members from the asylum seeker and refugee community together to celebrate their different cultures and encourage new connections through the use of creative expression and engagement in a variety of art projects. The remaining two sessions are planned for Monday 14th August and Monday 4th September, 2 – 4 pm.

I didn’t realise how useful art would be in helping me not only understand how I’m feeling at the moment, but also showing me what I feel I need to do next.


Carers’ Workshops

Following the success of the Carers’ Workshops at North Somerset Dementia Meeting Centre, similar courses are being held at both Bristol and South Gloucestershire Dementia Meeting Centres. You can read about them here.

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